Secure Motorhome Storage Siddington

Securely store your Caravan or Motorhome in Siddington with Holly Bank

Are you looking for reliable, secure motorhome storage in Siddington for your caravans, motorhomes, RVs or trailer-tents? Our Siddington motorhome storage facilities offer everything you need for peace of mind throughout the year.

We offer a great value motorhome wash-down service for our stored motorhomes, caravans and RVs, so you know your holiday time can be spent on more exciting pursuits.

Secured Motorhome storage in Siddington

All the motorhome storage areas are sited within our campsite premises. This means customers storing motorhomes and caravans are able to stay whenever they are nearby. Discounts are available for storage clients. We take your motorhome security seriously, which is why our campsite premises are constantly monitored to provide secured storage for your motorhome, caravan or RV.

Motorhome storage security

All our motorhome, RV and caravan storage areas in Siddington are covered by 24/7 security.

Storage on our site is still, however, entirely at the owner’s risk, therefore we require all units to be covered by full insurance.

1 Month Motorhome Storage – £75

3 Months Motorhome Storage – £195

6 Months Motorhome Storage – £350

Yearly Motorhome Storage – £600

Every Siddington motorhome storage requirement

You can choose your motorhome pitch - hard standing or grass.

Regular inspections scheduled.

Optional electric hookup.

Why use Holly Bank for your motorhome storage in Siddington?

  • We've recently changed owners and have been investing in improvements to our facilities.
  • We're a family run business focusing on unbeatable value for money.
  • Access to Manchester City is simple from our secured motorhome storage facilities.
  • It's our aim to be your best choice for a cheap, secure motorhome storage in Siddington. If you find a better deal locally we'll match it or even beat it!

Not just secure motorhome storage in Siddington

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