Welcome to Holly Bank Caravan Park Warrington

Our Caravan Park is a family run business. We offer a large number of affordable plots and spaces in one of the best value-for-money caravan parks in Warrington.

If you're after a family friendly Campsite in Warrington, you can find Hollybank just outside of Warburton.

Holly Bank Caravan Park caters for many types of short and long-term visitors, including:

  • Caravan Hire
  • Caravan Plots
  • Motorhome Plots
  • Camper Van Plots
  • Tent pitches
  • Bedsits

Facilities & Storage

Holly Bank Caravan Park offers more than just plots for your short time away. We provide low cost bedsits for those who prefer a solid roof over their heads instead of a caravan or tent.

We also maintain a highly convenient caravan storage service for people wanting to keep their caravan or motor home in Warrington during off-peak seasons.